American Property Insurance Company

Your business is truly one of a kind. Shouldn’t you have business insurance coverage to fit your needs?

Independent business owners are the backbone of the U.S. national economy and the foundation of local towns and communities.

With over a half century of experience providing business insurance, American Property Insurance Company understands your business. Today’s business owners appreciate the individualized, personal service provided by API’s independent insurance agents.


Years Experience


Million in Liability Coverage Available


Insured Locations


Million Dollars of Claims Paid

What is an Admitted Insurance Company?

Buying coverage for your business you may hear the terms admitted company, admitted market or even admitted paper. You may also see the terms non-admitted, Excess and Surplus or non-standard market.

An admitted insurance carrier is regulated in all respects as to policy rates, coverage terms and solvency. API is an Admitted Company in all operating states. Ask your agent if your coverage is with an admitted market... it matters!

Admitted (Standard) Company

more closely regulated by the state
backed by state insurance Guaranty Fund
standard policy language and coverage terms
held to performance standards on claims performance
more regulated on potential non-renewal and cancellation of coverage
more regulated on premium increases

Non-Admitted (Excess and Surplus)

quote allowed only after admitted company declination
may not be backed by state insurance Guaranty Fund
free to include custom exclusionary language anywhere in policy
usually prolonged claims processing
less regulated on potential non-renewal and cancellation of coverage
less regulated on premium increases

Commercial Liability Insurance

Essential insurance coverage to protect your business

Commercial Property Insurance

Cover your business property and avoid accidental loss

Inland Marine Insurance Coverage

Broader protection for specialized property, regardless of location

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Extend the liability coverage of your existing policies

The API Approach

Affordable Insurance Premiums

How We Work

Our company is small enough to value and know each of our policyholders while being large enough to meet your business needs.

Some business owners think this kind of personalized business insurance service and convenience is more expensive. Not when you’re insured with American Property Insurance Company.

API uses the most advanced cloud-based information technology available to the insurance industry today, not the dinosaurs of the past. The resulting reduction of API’s operating expenses is significant.

Our efficient approach and dedication to security allow American Property Insurance Company to bring a new and fresh approach to business owners - top quality coverage at affordable premium prices.


Our Agents

American Property Insurance Agents

Our agents have been carefully chosen by API to provide the best in professional insurance advice and service for you and your business needs.

Our insurance agents provide professional insurance advice at prices equal to or better than other insurers. Many of API’s insurance agents have served our clients for 15 years or longer.

At American Property Insurance Company, it’s our business to understand your business. Does your current business insurance agent or online insurance provider understand your business well enough to properly insure it?

We’re here to help.

It is our goal to get you back on your feet if you have had a loss. When that time comes, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got a team of experienced claims professionals ready to guide you through the claims process, every step of the way.

To report a Claim:

Contact your local independent agent. Your agent will assist and help you expedite the claims process. Agency contact information is printed on your policy declaration page.

Our Foundation

Financial Strength

Your Future

API has a proud tradition of serving the insurance needs of individuals, families and businesses since July 1, 1956 when it was founded as the First of Georgia Fire & Casualty Company. The Company moved its headquarters to New Jersey in 1995.

Renamed the American Property Insurance Company, API has helped communities rebound to the tune of approximately $500,000,000 in claims payments during its 63 years in business.

  • 2014

    In response to the insurance needs of New Jersey businesses, API began underwriting New Jersey insurance coverages in the Property, General Liability and Umbrella lines of business for New Jersey business owners.

  • 2015

    American Property Insurance Company expanded its insurance underwriting to the state of South Carolina to help address a lack of commercial property insurance capacity from existing South Carolina admitted insurance carriers.

  • 2016

    The Company expanded its underwriting operations to the state of Florida to bring a new commercial underwriting insurer to Florida’s business owners in conjunction with one of the leading independent insurance agency associations.

  • 2017

    API demonstrated industry leading average claims response time in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

  • 2018

    American Property Insurance Company expanded underwriting operations to 9 additional states in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest U.S.

Our Coverage Areas

Operating with Admitted Paper


Licensed for Admitted Underwriting


American Property Insurance coverage areas

API is financially backed through its program of reinsurance coverage, which supports our ability to pay all claims promptly in the event of a single loss, such as an extreme weather event. We carefully review the reinsurance companies providing our financial backstop, ensuring they are well-positioned financially to respond when required.


  • Reinsurance is an industry term, and is essentially insurance for insurance companies. It is how an insurer like API achieves an appropriate “spread of risk” for itself, a guiding principle of the insurance industry.

  • The reinsurers for API are all conglomerates possessing multi-billion dollar capital, with many in the highest categories for financial strength and size, as evaluated by ratings companies like Demotech and AM Best. This backing gives added security to policyholders for the stability of API in handling claims on a single large event or widespread insured loss.

  • API allocates its reinsurance purchase across a panel of top-quality reinsurers, with no more than 25% of total reinsurance coverage from any one reinsurer. This benefits policyholders long-term by helping to smooth API’s reinsurance expenses.

  • Further detail can be given to agents regarding many of the brand name reinsurers of API, their stock symbols, and Demotech and AM Best rating information as may apply.

  • API maintains a Demotech “A” Exceptional FSR

Exceptional Financial Stability Rating

Make a Premium Payment

Payment can be made by the following means

  • 01. By Mail

    A hard copy check can be sent to 4 Industrial Way West, Ste. 102, Eatontown, NJ 07724. Please make check payable to American Property Insurance Company. Please remember to write the policy number on the check

  • 02. Credit Card;

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